2nd International Conference on Fog and Fog Collection

Scientific Program

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Monday, July 16

Session A: 1015 to 1200


The climatology of fog and rime on the Krusne Hory Mountains, Czech Republic, winter 1995-1996 Bridgman, H.A., T.D. Davies, T. Jickells, I. Hunova, K. Bridges and V. Surapipith 1-4

Bacteria and fungi in aerosols and clouds Bauer, H., H. Giebl, A. Kasper-Giebl, M. Loflund, B. Schuster, F. Zibuschka, R. Hitzenberger, G. Reischl and H. Puxbaum 5-8

Soluble organic compounds in fog and cloud droplets: what have we learned over the last few years? Facchini, M.C., S. Decesari, E. Matta, M. Mircea and S. Fuzzi 9-12

Cloud and fog processing of atmospheric organic compounds Herckes, P., L. Trenary, M.P. Hannigan, T. Lee and J.L. Collett, Jr. 13-16

Drop-size dependent chemistry in cloud and fog: oxidation of SO2 Husain, L., O.V. Rattigan, J.E. Reilly, C. Judd, K.F. Moore, M. Das, D.E. Sherman, V.A. Dutkiewicz, S. Kreidenweis and J.L. Collett, Jr. 17-20

Size-dependant fog chemistry and its impact on the fate of atmospheric species Moore, K.F., D.E. Sherman, J.E. Reilly, M.P. Hannigan, T. Lee and J.L. Collett, Jr. 21-24

A proposed fog uptake mechanism of air pollutant in northern Japan using oblique rotational factor analysis Adzuhata, T., T. Okamura, J. Inotsume, R. Kikuchi, T. Ozeki, M. Kajikawa and N. Ogawa 25-28

Monday, July 16

Session A (cont.): 1330 to 1415


The possibility of the enhanced uptake of carboxylic acids and dicarbonyls into atmospheric water via the formation of metal-organic complex Okochi, H. and P. Brimblecombe 29-32

The aqueous chemistry module of STEM II applied in the case of Po Valley fog Mircea, M., C. Silibello, M.C. Facchini and S. Fuzzi 33-36

Photochemical production of hydroxyl radical in authentic fog waters Zuo, Y. 37-40

Session A (cont.): Poster Papers


The partition ratio of nitrous acid and ammonia in gas phase to those in aqueous phase Terada, H., H. Soda, T. Suzue, K. Sato, N. Takenaka, H. Bandow and Y. Maeda 41-43

Sampling of individual fog droplets and its chemical analysis Ma, C.-J., M. Kasahara, S. Tohno, T. Kamiya and T. Sakai 45-48

Monday, July 16

Session B: 1415 to 1500


The chemical composition of fogs and intercepted clouds in the United States Collett, Jr., J.L., A. Bator, D.E. Sherman, K.F. Moore, K.J. Hoag, B.B. Demoz, X. Rao and J.E. Reilly 49-52

The experimental study on Beijing urban fog and its effect on environment Wang, Q., B. Deng, H. Xu, X. Zhou, J. Li and Q. Zhang 53-56

Comparison of pollutant concentrations in fog (low cloud) water in the north and south Bohemia Fisak, J., D. Rezacova, V. Elias and M. Tesar 57-60

Monday, July 16

Session B (cont.): 1530 to 1700


Wintertime cloud and snow pH increased between 1984 and 2000 in the northern Colorado Rockies Ponce, F.N. and E.E. Hindman 61-64

Chemical composition of size segregated cloud drops collected with an airborne two stage impactor Jaeschke, W. and A. Gunther 65-68

Physical and chemical properties of single fog droplets applying fixation techniques Kasahara, M., C.-J. Ma and S. Tohno 69-72

Trends in fog composition at a site in NE Bavaria Klemm, O. 73-76

Fogwater composition in Strasbourg (France) from 1990 to 1999 - A change in urban air quality? Herckes, P., M. Millet, Ph. Mirabel and H. Wortham 77-80

Long-term change in acidity and chemistry of fog/cloud water in high elevation sites in Slovakia Skvarenina, J. and J. Mindas 81-84

Session B (cont.): Poster Papers


Pesticide contamination in fog-water of middle-east part of India Aggarwal, S.G., K.K. Tiwari, R. Patel, S. Agarwal, V.K. Gupta and G.L. Mundhara 85-88

Nitrophenols and haloacetates in fog and rain Hottenroth, S., A. Rompp, W. Volkel, W. Wieprecht, O. Klemm, T. Wrzesinsky and H. Frank 89-92

Studies on heavy metal pollution in fog water samples from Raipur (Chhattisgarh), India Tripathi, A.N., S.G. Aggarwal and A. Kamavisdar 93-96

Chemical composition of fog water at Delhi, North India K. Ali, S. Tiwari, G.A. Momin, P.S.P. Rao, P.D. Safai, M.S. Naik and D.M. Chate 97-100

Phenols, nitrophenols and carboxylic acids in urban fogwater (Strasbourg, France) Morville, S., A. Sheyer, Ph. Mirabel and M. Millet 101-104

Relationship among the element ratio of insoluble substances, ionic components in fog water and the back trajectory at Akita Hachimantai mountain range in Northern Japan Kikuchi, R., T. Adzuhata, T. Okamura, T. Ozeki, M. Kajikawa and N. Ogawa 105-108

Chemical polluted icing and fog in the mountain regions of the Czech Republic Skybova, M. 109-112

Chemical composition of the urban and suburban fogs in Xishuangbanna Zhu, B., Z. Li, J. Huang, J. Yang, Y. Huang and Y. Huang 113-116

Monday, July 16

Session C: 1700 to 1730


Results of cloud physical and chemical measurements in low clouds observed at Mt. Brocken, Germany Acker, K., D. Moeller, W. Wieprecht, R. Auel and D. Kalas 117-120

The role of fog in the ecology and water relations of coast redwood Sequoia sempervirens Burgess, S.S.O., E. Dubinsky and T.E. Dawson 121-124

Tuesday, July 17

Session C (cont.): 0830 to 0945


Fog Deposition on epiphytic bryophytes in subtropical montane forest ecosystem Chang, S.-C., I.-L. Lai and J.-T. Wu 125-128

Moist deposition of aerosols and atmospheric trace gases on vegetation by radiation fog - numerical case studies using detailed microphysics Winterrath, T. and A. Bott 129-132

Results from the Mountain Acid Deposition Program Isil, S., T. Lavery, C. Rogers and R. Baumgardner 133-136

The pathways and effects of acidic fogs on and within conifer needles Jagels, R. 137-140

The use of CART to determine deposition levels from fog in the Appalachian Mountains Urquizo, N., J.R. Brook, J.L. Walmsley and W.R. Burrows 141-144

Session C (cont.): Poster Papers


Fogwater studies in the Vosges Mountains (France) Herckes, P., Ph. Mirabel and H. Wortham 145-148

Fog/cloud deposition in the Polana Mts. region (Slovakia) Mindas, J. and J. Skvarenina 149-152

Cloud and fog water deposition and its hydrological and ecological importance in selected regions of the Czech Republic Tesar, M., M. Sir, D. Fottova, J. Fisak and V. Elias 153-156

Tuesday, July 17

Session D: 1015 to 1130


Verification of procedures for estimating the contribution of hill fog to wet deposition in the UK Inglis, D.W.F., K. Beswick, A.J. Dore, T.W. Choularton, D. Fowler, A. Crossley, I.D. Leith 157-160

Vertical flux divergence during fog deposition Burkard, R., T. Wrzesinsky, W. Eugster and O. Klemm 161-164

Large deposition of acid fog rather than rain in high elevation forest Igawa, M., K. Matsumura and H. Okochi 165-168

Fog deposition of nutrients and pollutants to a montaine forest site Wrzesinsky, T. , E. Thalmann, R. Burkard, W. Eugster and O. Klemm 169-172

Fog deposition on Norway spruce stands at high-elevation sites in the Eastern Erzgebirge Zimmermann, F. and L. Zimmermann 173-176

Session D (cont.): Poster Papers


Modelling fog-tree interactions Bresci, E. and F. Salbitano 177-180

Stable isotopes in rainfall and fog in the Luquillo Mountains, eastern Puerto Rico: a preliminary study te Linde, A.H., L.A. Bruijnzeel, J. Groen, F.N. Scatena and H.A.J. Meijer 181-184

Quantification of fog deposition with two similar set-ups Burkard, R., T. Wrzesinsky, W. Eugster and O. Klemm 185-188

Intercomparison of fog water deposition between two sites in proximity to Pinus Torreyana Estberg, G. 189-191

Fog deposition measurements with the Eddy Covariance Method Eugster, W., R. Burkard, O. Klemm and T. Wrzesinsky 193-196

Rime in the Karkonosze Mts. (High Sudetes, Poland) Migala, K. and J. Liebersbach 197-200

The collection effect of trees on fog water Yu, X.R. 201-203

The infiltration of fog water on Talinay Mountain Ingraham, N. and P. Cereceda 205-208

Session E: Poster Papers


Design and characterization of a new airborne cloudwater sampler Straub, D.J., J.L. Collett, Jr., R. Friesen and D. Baumgardner 209-212

A new radar method for detection of parameters of clouds and precipitation Kouznetsov, I.F. 213-214

Tuesday, July 17

Session F: 1130 to 1200


Potential use of fog as an alternative water resource in the dry and semi-arid mountain chains of northern and eastern Ethiopia Amedie, S. 215-218

Fog collector influence on the wind velocity field Bresci, E. 219-222

Tuesday, July 17

Session F (cont.): 1330 to 1500


Two years of fog measurements at the site "Falda Verde", north of Chanaral (Chile) Larrain, H., F. Velasquez, R. Pinto, P. Lazaro, P. Cereceda, P. Osses and R.S. Schemenauer 223-226

Results from a high elevation fog water supply project in Nepal MacQuarrie, K.I.A., A. Pokhrel, Y. Shrestha, P. Osses, R.S. Schemenauer, F. Vitez, K. Kowalchuk and R. Taylor 227-229

Application of techniques for capturing fog water in the restoration of Fray Jorge Forest, Chile Canto, W. and A. Cruzat 231-234

Fog collection in the Dominican Republic Schemenauer, R.S., P. Osses, F. Lara, C. Zywina and P. Cereceda 235-238

A prototype fog water collection system in the Northern Province of South Africa Olivier, J. 239-242

An operational "Water from Fog" initiative at Lepelfontein along the West Coast of South Africa Rautenbach, C.J. de W. and J. Olivier 243-245

Session F (cont.): Poster Papers


Fog: drinking water for rural zones Marzol, M.V. 247-250

Wind tunnel experiments on fog collectors Bresci, E. 251-254

Fog as a water resource for the improvement of subsistence agriculture of lomas of Atiquipa Jimenez, P., C. Talavera, F. Villasante, L. Villegas and A. Ortega 255-256

Climatology of Hindu Kush - Himalayas; potential for fog water collection Pokhrel, A. and K.I.A. MacQuarrie 257-259

Implementation method and impact of fog water supply schemes: a case study in the middle hills of Eastern Nepal Bajracharya, D. and A. Pokhrel 261-263

Fog water collection at the Mountain Velebit near the Adriatic Sea Mileta, M. 265-268

Potential regions for fog water collection in Cape Verde. The Monte Verde Project Sabino, A.A. and J. Moreno 269-272

Exploring fog as a supplementary water source in Namibia Shanyengana, E.S., J.R. Henschel, V.S. Mtuleni, E. Mwenya and M.K. Seely 273-276

Tuesday, July 17

Session G: 1500 to 1530


Community Involvement in the fog-water collection system for Chungungo, Chile Edwards, M., P. Cereceda and R.S. Schemenauer 277-279

Fog water collection in Ecuador: An appropriate technology for the rural poor? Henderson, B. and D. Falk 281-284

Thursday, July 19

Session G (cont.): 0830 to 0915


Social, cultural and historical aspects of fog in Colombia Jimenez, H. 285-288

Archaeological observations at a coastal fog-site in Alto Patache, south of Iquique, northern Chile Larrain, H., P. Cereceda, R. Pinto, P. Lazaro, P. Osses and R.S. Schemenauer 289-292

Monitoring fog-vegetation communities at a fog-site in Alto Patache, south of Iquique, northern Chile, during "El Nino" and "La Nina" events (1997-2000) Pinto, R., H. Larrain, P. Cereceda, P. Lazaro, P. Osses and R.S. Schemenauer 293-296

Session G (cont.): Poster Papers


Three years of zoological records at a fog-site at Alto Patache, south of Iquique (Chile), during "El Nino" and "La Nina" (1997 - 2001) Larrain, H., A. Ugarte, R. Pinto, P. Cereceda, P. Lazaro, P. Osses and R.S. Schemenauer 297-300

Thursday, July 19

Session H: 0915 to 1000


Dew in an arid ecosystem: Ecological aspects and problems in dew measurement Berkowicz, S.M., B.G. Heusinkveld and A.F.G. Jacobs 301-304

Differentiating between dew and fog deposition Jacobs, A.F.G., B.G. Heusinkveld and S.M. Berkowicz 305-308

Differentiation of the atmospheric moisture collected by dew and fog Malek, E. 309-312

Thursday, July 19

Session H (cont.): 1030 to 1130


Physical and chemical characteristics of dew at Ajaccio (Corsica Island, France) Muselli, M. and D. Beysens 313-316

A radiation-cooled dew condenser Muselli, M., D. Beysens, J. Marcillat, I. Milimouk, T. Nilsson and A. Louche 317-320

The role of dew in the water and heat balance of bare-soil in the Negev Desert Ninari, N. and P.R. Berliner 321-324

Dew chemistry in the drying process Takenaka, N., H. Soda, T. Sawotome, H. Terada, H. Bandow and Y. Maeda 325-328

Session H (cont.): Poster Papers


A study of dew and frost precipitation at Grenoble, France Beysens, D., V. Nikolayev, I. Milimouk and M. Muselli 329-331

A computer model for assessing dew/frost surface deposition Nikolayev, V., D. Beysens and M. Muselli 333-336

Theoretical limit of dew recovery Gandhidasan, P. 337-340

Dew effects on radiometry Malek, E. 341-344

Chemical composition of dew water in the high Tatra Mts. Region and Zvolenska kotlina Basin (Slovakia) Skvarenina, J. and J. Mindas 345-348

Patterns of urban dew and surface moisture in Vancouver, Canada during summer Richards, K. 349-352

Measurement of weak acid in dew-water and comparison with rain- and fog-water Takeuchi, M., T. Hasegawa, H. Okochi and M. Igawa 353-356

Thursday, July 19

Session I: 1130 to 1200


A 10-years fog climatology of Germany and the alpine region based on satellite data - preliminary results Bendix, J. 357-360

Comparative analysis of long-term variations of number of fog days per year and various climate forming factors in Georgia Amiranashvili, A.G., V.A. Amiranashvili and K.A. Tavartkiladze 361-364

Thursday, July 19

Session I (cont.): 1330 to 1500


Temporal and spatial variations of fog in the western Sudetes, Poland Blas, M. 365-368

The hydrologic origin of fog water: a stable isotopic analysis Ingraham, N. 369-372

On the fog regime in Argentina Hoffmann, J.A.J. and J.M. Nunez 373-376

Some characteristics of radiation fog in Leon (Spain) Sanchez, J.L., J.T. Fernandez, J.L. Marcos and L. Lopez 377-380

Intense and sustenace foggy conditions over NW Plains in India Singh, S., V.U.M. Rao and R. Singh 381-382

Concentration and dispersity of warm fog droplets over the Laptev Sea Smirnov, V.V. and V.P. Shevchenko 383-386

Thursday, July 19

Session I (cont.): 1530 to 1700


Dense fog frequency in the North Central United States Westcott, N. and S. Isard 387-390

The evaluation of the airport fog observation radar Yamamoto, A., K. Akaeda and O. Suzuki 391-394

Investigation of radiation fog formation on the south coast of Brazil Fedorova, N., E. Dal Piva and M.H. de Carvalho 395-398

Fog studies in north Libya Al-Fenadi, Y.Sh. 399-402

Fine-scale measurements of fog-droplet concentrations Garcia-Garcia, F. and U. Virafuentes 403-406

Valley fog development related to the dynamics of mountain waves produced by inhomogeneous orographical surroundings: statistical evaluation Karev, R.A., A. Karanfilovski and L. Jovanovska 407-410

Session I (cont.): Poster Papers


Fog occurrence frequencies in Turkey Akgun, N. 411-412

Study of fogs in Central Asia Kadyrov, B.S., V.P. Kurbatkin and V.F. Ushintseva 413-416

Climatological analysis and numerical modelling to the fog events at Sao Paulo metropolitan area Araujo, G.P., E.D. Freitas and F.L.T. Goncalves 417-420

Piracy and armed robbery against ships and aircraft in the Niger Delta: negative impact of fog in Nigeria Ediang, O.A. 421-424

The influence of human activity on fog formation Hovsepyan, A. 425-427

Functions of woodlands in fog collection: - Results from observations in Dhofar, Oman Takigawa, E. and H. Kobayashi 429-432

Effects of changed ecological environment on fog events in Xishuangbanna Li, Z., B. Chen, Y. Huang and Y. Huang 433-436

Atmospheric humidity variations during fog water sampling campaigns in mountainous regions in Mexico Padilla, H.G., R.D. Belmont and A.P. Baez 437-440

Fog climatology in Ethiopia Shanko, D. 441-444

A climatology of disasters by low visibility with dense fog in Japan Yamamoto, A. 445-448

A study on micro droplets growth rate Abe, K., M. Kameda, F. Higashino, M. Endo and K. Nitta 449-452

Study of fog formation during a Brazilian team soccer game on 06 July 1999 in Ciudade del Leste (Paraguay) de Oliveira, V.M., N. Fedorova and M.H. de Carvalho 453-456

Radiation, advective and orographic fog in the Tarapaca Region, Chile Cereceda, P., P. Osses, H. Larrain, P. Lazaro, R. Pinto and R.S. Schemenauer 457-459

Effect of fog on the agricultural development and productivity of some crops in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra State in India Chaudhari, L.P. 461-462

Climatological and microbiological characteristics of the camanchaca phenomenon at Cerro Moreno, Antofagasta, Chile Espejo, R., C.S. Demergasso, P.A. Galleguillos, E. Piantelli and L. Escudero 463-466

Effect of vegetation cover and landaus on the radiation fog modeling over Egypt Zakey, A.S. and M.N. El-Dein 467-468

Potential indirect radiative cooling in East Asia region based on observations of cloud microphysics and chemistry in northern Taiwan Peng, C.-M. and N.-H. Lin 469-472

Horizontal long-wire antenna as a fog electrical properties analyzer Sorokin, A.E., S.V. Anisimov and E.A. Mareev 473-476

Haze formation due to the large fires over maritime continent Indonesia and its vicinity Winarso, P.A. 477-480

Friday, July 20

Session J: 0830 to 1015


Invited lecture on fog dissipation "Artificial Fog dispersal: Recent Status and Future Development" Chernikov, A.A. Paper not in Proceedings Volume

Warm fog dispersal at the highway Venice-Trieste using electric precipitators Chernikov, A.A., M.N. Khaikine and B. Pani 481-484

Fog dissipation by dry ice blasting: technology and applications Elbing, F., D. Moeller and M. Ulbricht 485-488

Fog dissipation by dry ice blasting: process mechanism Moeller, D., W. Wieprecht, J. Hofmeister, D. Kalass, F. Elbing and M. Ulbricht 489-491

Emission reduction by the aid of "tailor made" fog Jaeschke, W., W. Haunold, M. Schumann and J. Winkler 493-496

Supercooled fog control in Macedonia Stefanov, S. and V. Spiridonov 497-500

Session J (cont.): Poster Papers


Experimental studies for dissipating supercooled fog in Beijing Han, G. 501-504

Removing warm fog at Cairo airport: case study Abdel-Wahab, M.M. and M.A. Trad 505-507

Friday, July 20

Session K: 1045 to 1230


A web-based Melbourne airport fog and low cloud forecasting technique Stern, H. and K. Parkyn 509-512

The climatology of fog in Canada Muraca, G., D.C. MacIver, N. Urquizo and H. Auld 513-516

A climatology of fog occurrence at two contrasting situations on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland Banfield, C.E. 517-520

Steps to improve ceiling and visibility forecasts for aviation Gurka, J.J. and F.R. Mosher 521-524

Fog: Impact on aviation and goals for meteorological prediction Whiffen, B. 525-528

PAFOG - A new efficient forecast model of radiation fog and low level stratiform clouds Bott, A. and T. Trautmann 529-532

Coastal fog simulations using mesoscale model Kong, F. 533-536