2nd International Conference on Fog and Fog Collection
The Second International Conference on Fog and Fog Collection will be held 15 - 20 July 2001 in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (about 8,000 km east of the First Fog Conference in Vancouver!).

The explorer John Cabot sailed into the harbour of St. John's 1497 and fishing fleets from many European countries made it their base from that time onwards. St. John's is the oldest city in North America and from the windows of the Hotel Newfoundland you will be able to see the easternmost point in North America. This small city of 175,000, has a unique atmosphere and an Irish/British heritage that is reflected in the accents of the people, their food, and their enjoyment of the outdoors.

An attractive room rate has been negotiated with the Hotel Newfoundland. We will be providing more conference details in following mailings as well as on this web site.

For information contact:
Dr. Robert Schemenauer, Conference Chair
FAX: (416) 739-4211
E-mail: Robert.Schemenauer@ec.gc.ca
Professor Hans Puxbaum, Chair of the Scientific Committee
E-mail: hpuxbaum@fbch.tuwien.ac.at