4th International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew
July 2007
Fog Conference Logo The next conference has just been granted to Chile. It will be held in La Serena, which is about 500 km north of the capital city of Santiago. La Serena is a old colonial city of about 250,000 people with a modern beach resort area. Despite having only about 100 mm of annual precipitation, grapes for wine as well as fruit are grown in the nearby Elqui Valley. During the conference, tours will be offered to the fog collection site at Cerro Talinay and to the Elqui Valley. The conference Chair, Pilar Cereceda, and the Conference Coordinator, Pablo Osses, are both active FogQuest members. For more information contact Profesora Cereceda at dcereced@puc.cl

NOTE: You can still purchase copies of the Proceedings Volume of the 2001 Fog Conference through FogQuest. It is an important addition to a personal or institutional library.