Donation from Hangar 1 Vodka and Proximo Spirits – May 2017














A part of our mandate as a charity is to help people, organizations, institutions and corporations understand the importance of fog water in natural ecosystems and as a managed water resource. One way we do this is through speaking engagements but by far the most widespread and effective tool we have is to respond to requests for information that we receive from people visiting our website. Sometimes these requests can lead to quite unexpected results.

Well over a year ago FogQuest was approached by Hangar 1 with questions regarding whether fog might be collected in California and used, in part, to make a new vodka. After some discussion, we put them in contact with one of our volunteers in California, Chris Fogliatti, who used small fog collectors in San Francisco to produce water for Hangar 1. This ultimately resulted in the successful release of Hangar 1 Fog Point vodka in May 2016. It also bought a great deal of attention to the importance of fog as a water resource in California.

This spring Hangar 1, through their parent company Proximo Spirits, sent FogQuest a very generous donation in recognition of the information we had provided. We are very grateful for this donation and, in turn, will use these funds for our water projects in developing countries. Proximo Spirits also provided a substantial donation to support the fog research being done by Prof. Daniel Fernandez at the University of California in Monterey Bay.