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The biggest benefit from your membership in FogQuest is knowing that you are helping to provide safe drinking water to people in need, in a manner that is appropriate for their social context.

You can be comfortable in knowing that every membership dollar is used to help build FogQuest’s capacity to deliver water collection projects, by supporting the preparatory work that is essential to every project’s success.

There are no paid staff at FogQuest.

Member Services

FogQuest members receive:

  • access to the Members’ Area the Web site;
  • e-mail notification significant developments; and
  • opportunities to participate in organised visits to FogQuest and related project sites.

The Members’ Area the Web site contains:

  • an archive of previous newsletters;
  • additional details on FogQuest projects; and
  • a searchable bibliography of the fog collection literature.

FogQuest is a young and growing organization. We appreciate every single membership. Our annual membership fee is $40.00 CDN.  There is a special student rate $35.00 CDN.

Corporate memberships are available for $200 CDN.

Please use the form below to complete your membership or use the membership form linked here.

Our mailing address is:

448 Monarch Place,
Kamloops BC, Canada
V2E 2B2

Note – Memberships set up through PayPal will renew for the 2nd year automatically.  You may cancel at anytime in the 2nd year for a refund if you wish.

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