FogQuest Manual


FogQuest: Fog Water Collection Manual – revised 2017 edition


This updated 2017 PDF version of our manual is now available for purchase.  This PDF, in double page format, may be printed in whole or in sections.

The manual is available for $24.99 USD through Blurb as a PDF download at this link:

A full double page printed version will be available soon through Amazon, and an e-book version will also be available soon through the Apple online store, among others.  If you are interested in a printed version please contact us and we will notify you when the book is ready to order.

The manual provides detailed information on how to select a site for a fog collection project, information on involving communities, construction guidelines for both small and large fog collectors, as well as background information on scientific, meteorological and geographical factors relevant to both fog and the fog collection process.

Purchasing the manual constitutes an agreement between you and FogQuest that you will not copy or distribute the manual without written permission.

Help support FogQuest by purchasing a copy of the manual. Thank you again for your support.