References on Fog & Fog Collection

Many peer-reviewed papers have been published on the scientific issues related to fog and fog collection. In addition there are many conference papers that have been published. The list, of more than 100 papers, presented here as a PDF file shows papers published by Robert S. Schemenauer, the Executive Director of FogQuest. There are also many papers published by other FogQuest members and by other scientists and development workers. Relevant papers can be found in different disciplines, e.g. cloud physics, mountain meteorology, tropical montane cloud forests, mountain hydrology, water sources for development projects, etc.

The papers can be found in university and institutional libraries or by contacting the authors directly. In addition, the four conference proceedings (see the Conferences section of the FogQuest website) published to date contain in total about 500 four-page papers on fog, fog collection, and dew. FogQuest has a searchable database of about 3500 papers that at some point we would like to have activated in our Member’s Section; however, no date for the completion of this task is available.

The list is provided for information and research purposes only. FogQuest is not in a position to provide copies of these papers. A set of about 40 papers, by a variety of authors, is available in the Member’s Section of this website to current FogQuest members. We hope to expand that set of papers as time permits.

Please click here for the list of reference papers on
fog & fog collection by Robert S. Schemenauer.

Please click here for the list of papers on
fog & fog collection by Pilar Cereceda (Chile).