Fogquest has a selection of video clips of our projects in various countries. These are available to producers on a non-exclusive basis for scientific, documentary, and news related productions for a modest fee. The fees vary depending on usage. Please contact us if you are interested in video content.

video clipFrom Thin Air
This brief narrated video introduces FogQuest and shows projects in Nepal, Guatemala and Eritrea.

video clipPrathivara temple installation
This brief clip shows the new installation (December 2009) in eastern Nepal near Ilam. This video was filmed in October 2010.

YouTube video Nepal Danda Bazar, Nepal
This clip shows various angles of the Danda Bazar (Nepal) installation.

Eritrea Video Eritrea Pilot Project Documentary
This documentary shows a pilot project in Eritrea. Courtesy of the Eritrean Video Service. The Munich Re Foundation in Germany sponsored the construction of the fog collectors in Eritrea.

Explora Video Chile EXPLORA Project
This news video shows the EXPLORA project in Chile.

This video is in Spanish.

Colombia Video First Operational Fog Collection Project in Colombia
The TV Channel TelePacifico in Colombia carried this video (September 2009) reporting on the work done by CVC-Gaiacol, with technical support from Jose Manuel Molina of FogQuest. He is an active FogQuest member and supporter and obtained permission to show the video here. Pictures and a report on the project will be in the next FogQuest Newsletter.

This video is in Spanish.

 Time lapse video of a collection project going up in Guatemala.